Sram eagle gx vs x01 chain

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Sram eagle gx vs x01 chain

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Simply put, bikepacking is the synthesis of mountain biking and minimalist camping; it evokes the freedom of multi-day backcountry hiking, with the range and thrill of riding a mountain bike.

Click the link below to find out how to start. Start Here. Click the link below to learn about each. Learn More. As important as it is to have a reliable bike and pack as light as you can, choosing the right route is perhaps the key to your enjoyment. Visit this section to learn how to choose a route, and some insight into navigation.

The average bikepacking trip should be based around riding between miles km per day, depending on the weight of your load, the difficulty of the terrain Cick the link to see them plotted or select from the links to the right to filter.

Pros and Cons of Wireless? Long-Term SRAM AXS Review

View The Map. There are some routes that are made classic by their sheer perfection, and others by races. View The Classics. The Bikepacking Journal is our printed collection of inspiring writing and beautiful photography. Find details here alongside a growing collection of web exclusive features Have one to share?

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But first, a little background. This year, they went even further, releasing Eagle NX, the budget speed group, and some version of Eagle is now being equipped on the majority of top- and mid-tier and mountain bikes. So, what does all this mean for trail-focused bikepackers and mountain bike tourers? Has the war been won? Is the switch inevitable? The short answer is, no. There are plenty of drivetrain options still available, both used and new; and older drivetrain configurations are still evolving.FREE U.

As you could imagine, the industry went wild and just about everyone that could make the investment did so immediately.

sram eagle gx vs x01 chain

This left a large portion of the market untouched as the prices were not exactly favorable towards a majority of the riding community. Quite a big difference in price! NX Eagle comes in even cheaper than GX and with most of the same features! The biggest difference is the cassette. No longer using the xD freehub like the rest of the Eagle groups, instead, it uses the traditional splined 8,9,10,11 and now speed freehubs.

Instead, you get an t range which is still large enough to ride everything! One of the best things about the SRAM Eagle family is you can mix and match any part and they will all work together! We have found that no matter what combo of Eagle you are running, everything works great together and will have you not thinking of shifting, leaving you to focus on the riding. Let's break down each group, starting with entry level and working our way to the high end. Now even though this is an entry-level group, I wouldn't consider this to have entry-level performance.

Shifting is as clean and precise as the other Eagle groups, giving it a high end feel while not making your wallet take a hit. For a drivetrain that is so affordable, you are really getting high-end technology. I would be hard-pressed to notice the difference between the levels in the Eagle family. And the best part is they are all interchangeable. Durable enough to live on every bike, performance high enough to belong on every build, and looks nice enough to set your bike apart from your riding buddies.

Meaning you can climb up a wall This GX Eagle cassette is made from 12 individual steel cogs that are then pinned together.

SRAM Eagle Review (GX vs X01): Touring on 1×12

This helps keep the price down but the performance at a top level. The rest of the group is as you would expect from SRAM: great quality and a great performer. As I said, I like to call this the workhorse of the Eagle family. With a sleek black finish and clean mounting, this cost-efficient groupset will keep your rig looking nice and riding just like the pros.

Well, maybe. That ultimately depends on you but at least you will be running the same technology as the pros! SRAM X01 Eagleyou can hear the bald eagle rejoicing every time you get a clean shift, which is every time.Well, Eagle is about to soar a whole lot closer to grasp. And when I say affordable, I mean it. Most of that weight is in the cassette and crank, both of which are roughly grams heavier than their X01 counterparts.

The derailleur is a mere 14 grams heavier, and the shifter is the same weight. Shifting is quick, precise, and consistent, even in and out of the gigantic tooth first cog. A reasonable person would see little reason to spend so much more on X01 for what amounts to virtually undetectable performance gains.

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The best thing about this group is its potential to turn more people on to mountain biking. When the XX1 and X01 Eagle groups came out last year, they served up a gear range that was arguably in more demand at the entry-level. In that way, GX Eagle is kind of radder than its highbrow relatives. Eagle is about more than just gear range though. Refinements to tooth profiling and construction have made this generation of SRAM drivetrains quieter and longer lasting.

The main differences between the X01 Eagle derailleur and the GX: The X01 has a titanium spring, forged alloy cage, alloy b-bolt and fancier finish, while the GX has a steel spring, die-cast aluminum cage, steel b-bolt and less fancy finish. The jockey wheels and clutch are identical between the two. The X01 and GX triggers have a very similar shift feel, despite the fact that the X01 is three times the price. I would say that the X01 feels ever so slightly smoother and crisper, plus the angle of the downshift lever can be adjusted on the X01 shifter, where it is fixed on the GX.

I do typically use that feature on the X01, but I would forgo that minor adjustment if on a budget. This results in a gram weight increase—and a significant cost savings. By signing up you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Photo Credit: Ryan Palmer. Thank you for signing up. Your information has been successfully processed!

Ryan Palmer 4 months ago. Components There's a new drivetrain game in town And it's actually pretty clutch Ryan Palmer 5 months ago.FREE U. SRAM's Eagle drivetrain is the most popular for new bikes as well as for those upgrading their ride. It has proven to be durable and reliable.

Read on as our friend Patrick tells us about his experience with his X01 Eagle drivetrain. I use Strava to track the mileage of my bike, and I record maintenance in ColorNote on my phone.

I have found that the chain starts getting noisy when dusty makes grinding sounds once it gets worn to this point. I am currently on my fourth chain with this cassette.

SRAM Eagle AXS XX1 vs. X01 - Real World Weight Comparison

I was expecting to get more mileage out of this chain due to the Titanium Nitride plating, but it was done at miles. When I first installed it, it was skipping under load on the fourth largest cassette cog. I use this cog frequently on a two-mile fire road climb out of the canyon near my house. I chose the X01 chain because it is the lowest priced Eagle chain that includes the hard chrome plating on the rollers, which SRAM claims will increase the chain life by four times. It is hard for me to believe that a GX chain would last only miles though.

I am slightly nervous about getting another chain that has hard external plating such as the gold titanium nitride or rainbow titanium oxide because I wonder if this plating accelerates cassette wear in order to preserve the chain. This is just a guess though. I should also mention that I have been extremely consistent about cleaning my chain, cassette, chainring and derailleur pulleys after every ride. I wipe the chain, chainring, and pulleys off with a rag, and I use a toothbrush to clean the cassette and insides of the chain links.

I use regular Triflow lube, and I wipe the chain off after applying it. My neighbor has speed XT on his bike. He replaced his first chain at miles and then it had all kinds of skipping problems on the smaller cogs.

He had to replace his cassette at that point as well. I would say my X01 drivetrain has been extremely durable, and I believe this has to do with the quality of the X01 chain. Home Menu Search. Continue Shopping Your Cart is Empty. Shop Watch Read. Decision: I chose the X01 chain because it is the lowest priced Eagle chain that includes the hard chrome plating on the rollers, which SRAM claims will increase the chain life by four times.

Final Thoughts: My neighbor has speed XT on his bike.

Your complete guide to SRAM MTB drivetrains: XX1, X01, X0, X1, Eagle GX, NX, EX1 and AXS groupsets

Affiliate Program Accessibility Statement. Newsletter Signup .Why is the price so similar between XX1 and X01? Is there even a difference aside from the finish? Yes, the shifter is exactly the same between the two groupsets. There is no specific branding so it matches well with either.

The buttons are easy to push and give you even more shifting options than a standard trigger shifter. The way the buttons work are almost reminiscent of a Shimano shifter, where can access the upshift from either side of the bar. At first glance, the main difference is the finish. XX1 has a darker grey accent color, while X01 has a lighter grey.

Throw them on the scale and you notice a small 12 gram weight difference that comes from materials used. The outer cage on an XX1 derailleur is carbon, while X01 uses aluminum.

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The inner cages on both derailleurs are aluminum and all other pieces are the same. It is labeled XX1 and is included in both groupsets. Like the other X01 and XX1 cassettes, the only difference between the two is the finish.

The rainbow cassette looks even better in person that we thought it would! Every tooth has practically the whole color spectrum. The cranks are the biggest difference in weight between the two groupsets, but that difference is still small at 36 grams. This is due to the same foam core used on other X01 cranks vs. Like the derailleur, X01 uses a light grey chainring and decals, while XX1 is a very dark grey.

I had thought the ring was black in photos, but it definitely not. XX1 cranks come with a 34t chainring while X01 has a 32t. In total, there is a difference of 48 grams between XX1 and X Otherwise, our recommendation is just to pick whichever one matches your bike better!

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What else do you want to know about Eagle AXS? Let us know in the comments below! The shifter Yes, the shifter is exactly the same between the two groupsets. The derailleur At first glance, the main difference is the finish. The cassette Like the other X01 and XX1 cassettes, the only difference between the two is the finish. The cranks The cranks are the biggest difference in weight between the two groupsets, but that difference is still small at 36 grams.

Back to Blog.And I've had more than a few. There's a good reason for this. I'm not alone either. There are multiple SRAM Eagle groups that provide options for riders with different budgets and riding needs.

So let's go through the details to help you figure out which parts are right for your next used mountain bike. GX Eagle is the workhorse of the Eagle family. This is the most popular SRAM mountain bike drivetrain.

It is also the most common Eagle drivetrain you'll see on the employee rack at TPC. You will see XX1 Eagle used by many top racers and industry insiders. Stay tuned for an in-depth review of Eagle AXS in the next month or so. Do you just need the workhorse?

Or do your bikes deserve some bling? Stock chainrings range in size from t, with 32t being the most common. Cross-country racers might opt for a 34t, while enduro riders in steep terrain on heavy 29er bikes, sometimes prefer 30t chainrings.

This improves chain retention, durability, and mud-shedding.

sram eagle gx vs x01 chain

If your wheel has a traditional Hyperglide freehub, the entry-level SX and NX cassettes are the only options for that Eagle gear range, and they are considerably heavier.

Both GX and XX1 use All cranks are available in mm or mm lengths. This price difference is mainly due to materials and construction. What does the extra money get you, and is it worth it? Let's dig into the details. To put that into perspective, a full 20oz water bottle weighs approximately grams or 1. Does a half-pound of bike weight matter?Hey all. Just wanted to get a discussion rolling on Eagle chains and how impressed I am with them.

As an avid rider and Service manager in a large shop which sees tons of this stuff get puts through its paces, I've been very impressed with how long these chains last compared to the former 11 speed SRAM offerings.

The later which required more frequent chain replacements and often new chainrings at the same interval or even surprise cassette replacements. Over the last two seasons I've been replacing my own eagle chains purely based on slop when the slapping gets noisier as pins and rollers wear slightly and shifting gets a little bit less crisp.

Typically chains get replaced when they reach a 0. With the Eagle chains I can never get any chain tools to even drop in at 0. I've checked it be with a park tool and both of the Shimano chain checkers we have. Same result. What has everyone else been doing or noticing with these chains?

All I can say is I am impressed. These have also run quieter from the get go and throughout their life then the 11 speeds ever have. I am also a service manger at a shop and we have been seeing the same thing. The chains are impressively durable and resistant to wear.

sram eagle gx vs x01 chain

My issue has been that our current tools for measuring chain wear, electronic gauges, and all the other chain measuring devices I've tried, don't drop in at all when the chain is brand new. Therefore the starting point for the measurement wouldn't be the same as all other chains.

Kyt strike eagle k-mx series black red モトクロスヘルメット k

After long phone calls with the service department at SRAM, they claim their engineers were finding that they would wear out two chain rings in the time it took to wear the chain out. The other issue we have had, was customers wearing out the 50t cog on the cassette to the point where a new chain skipped under load.

The rest of the cogs, the ones that make up steel cluster, held fine. The chain that was taken off and replaced measured. The techs did elude to the fact that the XO1 eagle chains behave much more similar to what we're used to seeing and are measurable with current measuring tools.

I currently have an ongoing discussion with some inside techs at SRAM about how to properly measure drivetrain wear. If in fact you can wear out two chainrings during the life of a chain, then that throws all our best tools for determining and educated guess on drivetrain wear out the window. Hopefully we will have some good information from the drivetrain engineers on the subject.

When it comes through, I'll be sure to update this conversation. When the SRAM Eagle drivetrain was introduced I was given a rundown of everything new, including details about how the chain is made. Here's a recap: Chain Updates While it's not likely to get the praise it deserves, the new chain is the biggest reason why Eagle works better.

On the inside of the links you'll notice they are smooth looking with none of the sharp edges or chamfers seen on prior SRAM designs.


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