Gcam v6 apk

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Gcam v6 apk

Google Camera has single-handedly revolutionized smartphone photography and has brought powerful camera capabilities to budget Android devices. So in line with our effort to bring the GCam to non Pixel devices, this article compiles the latest Google Camera 7.

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Also, we have mentioned how to install the APK and enable Astrophotography mode in simple steps. Get Google Camera 7. However, if the download page mentions anything about Configs then download the XML file and apply them. Hopefully, the APKs should work on most of the devices. If your device is not listed below, do comment down below and we will find a suitable GCam 7.

gcam v6 apk

Download Google Camera 7. So huge props to them for developing stable Google Camera mods for a range of devices. Download the particular Google Camera 7. It may block the installation since the APK has been downloaded from a third-party source.

Now open Google Camera and you should be greeted in the new GCam 7. If the directory is not available then create a GCam folder and then make a Configs7 folder inside the GCam folder. Now, you can move the XML file. Next, open Google Camera and double-tap anywhere on the black bar around the shutter button. A dialog box will appear.

Here, select the XML config file that you just moved into the Configs7 folder from the drop-down menu. Enable Astrophotography Mode 1. On some devices, the astrophotography mode may not work out of the box.

Make sure, these flags are turned on. Now, if you switch to the Night Sight mode, it will prompt you to activate the astrophotography mode. However, keep in mind, you will need a tripod and a dark place to activate this feature. If you have a steady hand or can place the device on a stable surface then you can do away with the tripod.

We have provided download links for devices that have better compatibility with GCam mods along with continued developer support. However, you can definitely try these APKs for other devices as well. Anyway, that is all from us. If the new Google Camera 7. Hi, do you have gcam for Mi 8 SE android 10? Someone please help me. Hi I own a honor 10 lite and I want to install gcam My phone name is not listed in the links.

In camera 2 API it shows limited. What should I do? Huawei y9 prime is not mentioned in the lis. And I have tried many methods to make this app work on my device but is not going through. Pls help a friend.This post was last updated on March 28th, at pm. No other camera app has a match to these features. Following is the download link to the Gcam APK 6. To install apps from a third party app other than Play Store you need to enable app install from Unknown Sources on your Android device.

For example: if you have downloaded the Google Camera apk file on Google chrome or firefox browser on your phone. Or you have downloaded and copied the apk file to the file browser and you want to install it from there. See the below screenshots that enables to install unknown apps on Oreo for Chrome app you need to enable on the app from where you want to install the apk : Once enabled, click on the downloaded app to install. There could be other GCam mods out there that may just work fine on the phone.

Having more than 8 years of experience in software engineering domain. Your email address will not be published. Merci beaucoup. Hi, I had previous version of this apk installed on my mi 9 lite which was working fine, I installed it a month ago. But this version is not giving the correct results. Skip to content Privacy Policy. Search for. GCam March 28, siba 2 comments. Contents 1 About this Google Camera 6.

Download v6. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Dubar Steven April 14, Google updated its default camera app for Pixel phones to latest version 6. This device brings some tweaks to the main camera UI.

The Google Camera 6. In earlier versions until Gcam 6. In Gcam 6. So download the latest Google camera 6. Moreover, here we have also listed the latest Google Camera mod by cstark that enables you to even set the Night Sight mode as the default launch mode.

This means, once you set NightSight as default launch mode, it will be the first mode you will see wherever you launch the Google camera app. It may not be the latest Gcam 6. The latest Gcam is targeted towards Android 10 or Android Q which is still in betabut also works well on the Android 9 Pie. So you can try the Gcam 6.

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These features include. You can swipe right twice to quickly launch Night Sight or tap right at it from the carousel. The previous camera update bought Dark Mode, Measure Mode, selfie flash, and AI kissing detection for the Pixel 3; along with everything present in v6.

Following you can get the latest and original non-modded Google Camera 6. The camera APK is compatible with all the Pixel devices. You can either download the GCam 6. Google Camera 6. Following is the first ever Google Camera 6. Thanks to developer marlin-kufor the amazing mod. The latest version has added timelapse 4k, bitrate adjustment, and exposure compensation, and slow mo for Redmi note 5.

Only fps. The latest Google Camera 6. It has the NightSight feature embedded right into the main camera UI. Developers have already started modding the latest Google camera 6. The main benefit of this mod is that you have more functionalities than the original app. Moreover, you can also install it along side your default camera app. Thanks to developer cstarkhere we have the latest Gcam 6. You can also get the Gcam Mod from below for testing purposes on Android 9.

Sarang is an Android enthusiast and has been a tech blogger for various other technology websites. Android is all he talks. View all posts by Sarang.Google introduced Android Go last year with Android 10 and the firmware continues to Android 11 this year.

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Android Go Edition phones are inexpensive and hence feature very low end processors. For instance, the Nokia 1. However, the Google Camera app only support flagships phones or high end processors similar to Pixel phones. This creates a problem for the budget Android devices and even the mid-range smartphones. While the original Google Camera does not run of non-Pixel devices, there is a large community of developers behind the unofficial Gcam ports. But due to the limitation of Camera2 API, Gcam ports will only run on high end smartphones with processors like Qualcomm Snapdragon,and so on; and in some cases even the Snapdragon series and series.

The Camera Go app comes pre-installed on Nokia 1. It features a fair amount of functionalities and settings as compared to the stock Pixel 4 camera app. The Google Camera Go APK interface is minimalistic with 4 options including camera for photosvideo, portrait, and translate.

The settings is also a small overlay dialogue box with toggles for flash, timer, and face enhancer. However, it still lacks some crucial features like Night Sight and hence, the Astrophotography mode.

Regardless, the Google Camera Go is worth a shot. The APK has been extracted directly from the Nokia 1. The best part is, it works on the Samsung Exynos processors flawlessly. So for users who have a tough time running Google Camera on their Samsung devices with Exynos processors, can settle for the Google Camera Go.

Gcam Pixel 3 v6.1 ( MI A2 Android Pie )

The Google Camera Go work flawlessly with most of the Android devices out there. This is the Gcam Go port! Simply download to your device, install, and run. Or you may encounter a parsing error. Alternatively, settle for Box mirror or SourceForge. Sarang is an Android enthusiast and has been a tech blogger for various other technology websites.

Android is all he talks. View all posts by Sarang. Skip to content Close Search for: Search. Close Menu.

All Working Gcam APKs for Redmi 8 (Codename Olive)

Related Content. Published by Sarang.It improves dynamic range and also give better low light shots. While some companies need dual camera setup for portrait mode and they still suck at it. And it is so great that even some top-tier dual camera setup fails to beat it in edge detection. GCam brings the top-notch algorithm to every Android smartphone. The Edge detection and Bokeh effect is good even on budget devices. Night Sight is a new feature in GCam 7. It takes around 30 shots at different camera settings and then merges it to one, after applying the Image processing, the images come out with details and little to no noise in them when compared to normal shots.

Follow the below process to Enable Camera2api in your device, however, if your device has camera2api enabled out of the box, then Just download and Install the GCam apk. Download both APKs from this link. One is the GCam and other is for AR stickers. I have been writing about Android OS for Last 2 years. If you want to connect with me then Follow me on Twitter. Hi, There is no specific Gcam for every Smartphone, But some Versions work good on one and not on others.

Try to Enable Camera2api by Editing Build. I have Nokia 6. I have installed gcam bit when I take selfies it turns into mirror image please suggest me how can I fix it??

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GCam 7.2 Burial V6 MOD Apk - Astro Photo - Super Wide Angle Mode - Light Paint 🔥

Home Tips and Tricks. March 27, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.Updated: Latest Google Camera v6. The Pixel series is lucky for having the latest camera app from Google. If you are here looking for a Gcam Mod or Gcam port for your own Android phone, then we know why it is of utmost importance to you.

The pictures you can take with the Google Camera are simply exceptional; plus the benefit of Night Sight. We already had the Gcam Mod 6. Here is the latest Gcam 6. It has been tested working on several Android 9. The new Google Camera 6. Another great feature listed in this new version is the Selfie flash and AI kissing detection.

So you get all this along with the features present in the previous Gcam 6. Apart from this, the best part about any Google Camera mod is that you get several settings that you can change as per your Android device. This Gcam Mod will enable you to select your device type to any of the Pixel devices closest to your Android phone. Also note that this is the first build of the Gcam Mod 6. So not all the features will work seamlessly at this moment with all of your devices.

Note that some of the features are Pixel 3 exclusive and requires the Pixel Visual Core. So not all the features can be ported. Thanks to developer Arnova8G2 for bringing this Gcam Mod 6. For installation, simply grab the APK and sideload it to your phone. Note that not all phones will be able to run this camera mod. You will need to go to settings and change some options and test it yourself.

Or you can test out different versions of Gcam APK designed specifically for your phone model.

gcam v6 apk

All the APK cane be found in our previous post listed below:. Once done, force stop or force close the camera app and launch again.While we are hyped for the upcoming Pixel 4a device, Google just released a minor but critical update for their stock camera app.

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Yes, a new Google Camera v7. However, the Pixel 4a will bring a new Google Camera v7. The Pixel 4a launch is near and it will feature a new Gcam 7. Google just released a new and updated Google Camera app with build number 7. While the Google camera app is meant for the Pixel phones, some brilliant Gcam developers are actively porting the same for various other Android devices.

So you can readily download and install latest Gcam 7.

gcam v6 apk

The latest Gcam v7. The previous Google Camera 7. This is a great feature for users who wants a hassle-free video recording experience. You can also see our previous tutorial on how to get rid of the heads up notifications or the popup notifications. We already got a refreshed UX with Gcam 7. The Google Camera 7.

The latest Google Camera v7. It is a monthly HotFix update. So if your device is facing any issues, it is highly recommended that you install the latest one right now.

Here is the original and untouched version of Google Camera 7. This is the same version you will find on the Play Store. Alternatively, following we have the modded Gcam 7. It can run on all phones running Android 10, 9. Here is the direct download link for the latest Google Camera 7.

All you need to do is download and sideload the APK latest onto your smartwatch. Here you will find a collection of the latest Gcam 7. Various version of the Gcam 7.

Find the best Gcam for your smartphone and install it. The Gcam 7. Not to mention the stunning Astrophotography feature that everyone is talking about lately.


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